May 2013 outing

Pictures by Nancy Miller

Pictures by Lee MacDonald


“Pirates ‘n Treasures” was the theme for the May meeting of Florida State Winnie Gators, May 10 – 12, 2013. With 36 coaches in attendance and 8 chapters represented.  22 members arrived for early days to share in the fun! Thursday at 4:00pm Happy Hour kicked off the event in the Rec Hall with tables decorated in red & black with all kinds of pirate treasures on the tables. This was a relaxing time to renew friendships and also welcome some new members and visitors! Joining in the weekend were David Rosenblatt and Merrily Miller, Dick & Linda Balzer, and James & Carol Connolly.  Dinner plans were on your own and several folks visited the local restaurants. At 7:00pm back at the Rec Hall was the first chapter challenge game – Cannonball Attack! Teams members were blindfolded and were instructed to “pin the cannonball” on the ship placed on the wall. The Buccaneer Winnies won this first competition!


Friday morning everyone was on their own for breakfast while the cooks were busy getting food preparation completed in the kitchen for dinner. A Silent Auction was set up with members bringing items for bidding. A wide variety of items were offered and the bidding was underway. At 10:00am the second game was on tap, “Swab The Deck”. Teams had to use a string mop to push a ball done the path and around the treasure chest in a relay race. Again, the Buccaneer Winnies won this challenge! After lunch the Board of Directors had a meeting and discussed the results of our March Rally. It was noted the Rally was a huge success, and a small profit was made because of some changes in the operation of the event.


4:00pm Happy Hour brought everyone together and sharing food and drinks! A money raffle was held and 3 lucky winners were happy! The officers had dinner underway with the guys wearing pirate hats and grilling hamburgers and hot dogs while the ladies prepared to serve the side dishes, baked beans, fruit salad, chips, and veggies.  For dessert the volunteer “scoopers” served ice cream and everyone made their favorite sundaes!  After dinner cleanup it was time for another game! Outside on the patio the “Treasure Chest Toss” was set up. Each chapter team had gold coins to toss into the treasure chest and points were counted. The Caloosa Winnies won this competition!


Saturday morning the officers were busy getting the Pancake Breakfast underway! Sausage, custom cooked pancakes, fruit, and beverages were all served in a short time.  At 10:00am it was time for the Team Treasure Hunt. Each chapter was given a list of things to look for out in the campground where our coaches were parked. Some gold coins were also hidden and the finders could claim a special prize at the end! This was a timed event and got everyone scrambling to find the clues! The chapters all finished within the time frame and late that evening the winning team – the Caloosa Winnies – claimed their prizes!


The General Meeting was held at 1:30pm with President Ted Fumia presiding. Several topics were discussed including the March Rally results, and the upcoming Grand National Rally. It was time to pick a new charity for the next 2 years and Shirley Halstead presented “ Caring Voice Coalition”, a group that provides support for individuals diagnosed with life threatening diseases. A vote was taken and they will be our charity. At the conclusion of the meeting it was free time for everyone. Some went shopping, some visited the pool, and spent time chatting outside! Happy Hour at 4:00pm brought out all the “pirates” in costumes! There was a pirate parade and judges were our new guests and members! The winners were picked, Butch & Pat Crosby, Pete & Gayle Putman, Jerry Miller and Ted & Janis Fumia! It took brave souls to wear the costumes and it was turned out to be just great fun!


Dinner was served at 6:00pm by Sonny’s BBQ with pulled pork, chicken, and sides including cobblers for dessert. The Silent Auction awards were presented and winners collected and paid for their items. The proceeds will go toward GNR Florida Row expenses and all participants were thanked for their contributions! Many stayed around to play games for the rest of the evening.


Sunday morning breakfast was our usual donuts, bagels, fruit and beverages. Soon it was time to bid farewell until the next meeting in October. Many members will make the trip to GNR and we will continue our fun then! We wish everyone safe travels and for those who are not involved with our club activities – you are really missing out on a lot of fun!! We invite travelers to join us any time – our schedule is published on our website, www.winniegators.org and also at the WIT Club website. Ahoy mates, until October which will be a Halloween celebration!


Nancy Miller