Funtime Travelers

Chartered by W.I.T. 20 October 1994
W.I.T. "Chapter of Excellence"
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Our Mission:

Promote fellowship, friendship and fun among all members of WIT
Foster and develop recreational, social, and travel opportunities.
Encourage gatherings and outings on local levels.
Support the Florida State WIT Club.
Have fun!


     The "Funtime Travelers" chapter of the Florida State Winnie-Gators Club was chartered by Winnebago-International-Travelers on 20 October 1994.
     The chapter was founded by Philip & Shirley Halstead and Chuck & Pat Olson with a group of Winnebago product owners from Manatee and Sarasota Counties who were not members of any existing WIT chapter.
     Our chapter has become very successful, thanks to its members, and along with fellowship, friendship and fun we give financial and material support to several community projects.

  2017 Officers

    Carole & Ed Gies,  President
    941-497-5700,  941-223-7542

    Gayle Putman, Secretary

    Pete Putman, Treasurer

Attention!!! Any one traveling in Florida, with their Winnebago Manufactured product and is near one of the Funtime Traveler's campouts please be advised that you are welcome and we would love to have you attend our meeting. Just call and you will be given all the details for the outing.

Contact: Carole Gies

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