Florida State Winnie Gators

May 2010 Outing

Pictures by Nancy Miller

May 14 – 16, 2010 was the weekend for the Winnie Gators to once again share a few days of meetings and FUN! Early arrivals began on May 12th at Southern Palms RV Resort in Eustis, FL. with a total of 51 coaches attending. Thursday evening Happy Hour was held at 4:00pm. Many members found local restaurants for dinner and returned to the Clubhouse to play cards and games and spend time together. 

Friday morning the Executive committee meeting was held at 9:30am. The activity of the day was chapter competition building and decorating a balsa wood airplane to be used in the Flying Contest later in the evening. At 2:00pm the Board of Directors meeting was held with 9 chapters represented. 

At 4:00pm Happy Hour commenced with a raffle in progress. Damaris Travers, Butch & Pat Crosby, members of South Florida Winnie Gators chapter  made a grand entrance to sell tickets dressed in costumes made from lamp shades, and a curtain rod complete with drapes! You HAD to be there to see it! Ticket sales were brisk and the winners were drawn and claimed lots of great prizes! Our THANKS to our trio for providing so much FUN for the group!  Dinner was served at 6:00pm by our favorite caterers, Rainbow Catering. 

At 7:00pm the contest for the chapter Airplane Flying Contest was ready to start! The judges awarded prizes to the best decorated plane which was given to South Florida Winnie Gators! Next it was time to FLY…. And fly they did! There was loud cheering for each team and the winner was Funtime Travelers John Lanham! Medals were presented to the entire Funtimers team! The remainder of the evening the group played various games for fun. 

Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny, breakfast was served at 8:30am, followed by the General Membership Meeting. Reports and reviews of the March rally were discussed. We were delighted with the results. THANKS to everyone who participated at our rally, especially our tireless workers! The afternoon offered free time to explore the area and spend time visiting with friends. 

4:00pm Happy Hour was on tap for the group, a money raffle was held with 3 happy winners! After a delicious Ham dinner we were ready for the evening activity. The Winnie Gators Horse Races – complete with horses decorated that were made from string mops!  Each horse had a volunteer “jockey”, complete with cowboy hat and feather duster “whip”. Bets were placed from the audience and the races were off and running! There were so many people laughing and cheering on their favorite horse the noise level was just wonderful! People having FUN!! At the conclusion of the races things calmed down to a dull roar with cards and games enjoyed by all! 

Sunday morning Southern Palms displayed their hospitality and thanks to our club by providing us with donuts and coffee. Soon it was time to say “Happy Trails” to all our friends – until we rendezvous at GNR, or in the fall. 

We invite any Winnebago/Itasca owners to join us at any of our meetings which are on our website: www.winniegators.org. as well as Who’s Inviting Travelers on the WIT website.  Come visit with us at GNR in the Florida Row! 

Submitted by Nancy Miller