May 2011 Outing

Pictures by Nancy Miller

Tribute to Kathryn Griffin

May 13 – 15, 2011 was the quarterly meeting for the Florida State Winnie Gators held at Blueberry Hill RV Resort in Bushnell, Florida.  Many members arrived a few days early to spend time with friends and enjoy the hot weather. 9 chapters were represented to compete in the “Chapter Challenge Weekend” theme. Happy Hour was held on early days and got everyone together to plan their team strategies, and enjoy dinner out at local restaurants to support the local economy!

Friday was the first official day and the first order of business was to award prizes to the chapters with the highest percentage of their membership attending! 1st prize went to Mid- Florida Winnies, 2nd prize to Florida Sunshine Winnies and 3rd prize to Funtime Travelers.  New members Gib & & Terri Woodward were welcomed, as well as first timers Bill & Jeanette Riley, and Bud & Terry Hoover.

The Executive Board meeting was held with the club officers, followed by the Board of Directors meeting with the chapter and club officers. A review of the business to be presented to the members was discussed, including the rally that was held in March.

Rules were explained for the Shuffleboard Tournament that was taking place throughout the weekend. After lunch, our 1st Vice Presidents, Cliff & Ree Spiller held a class for those who wished to make a dreamcatcher! This was a fun project and everyone loved the results!

Friday Happy Hour at 4:00pm was followed by dinner catered by our favorite Rainbow Caterers. Entertainment for the evening was supplied by Skeeter Creek Band playing old country and bluegrass tunes, with our own Ree Spiller playing the “spoons” along with the group!

Saturday morning breakfast was served by Rainbow Caterers, followed by our General Meeting which was called to order by President Jerry Miller at 10:00am. The financial report was read by Treasurer, Walter Feldgoise who explained the financials are in good order and a small profit was made on the March rally. President Jerry thanked everyone again for the great job in making our rally a success! A project was announced to assemble a cookbook for the March, 2012 Rally goody bags and all members are invited to contribute their recipes! Several charities were announced and presentations done for a vote by the membership for a new charity to receive our support for two years. “Steppin’ Stone Farm” was the selection, which is a facility for seriously at risk teenage girls ages 13 – 17. Thanks to John Lanham, President of Funtime Travelers for bringing a spokesperson from that charity. Plans for GNR were also discussed and everyone has their “job” and things are moving along toward a wonderful time in Forest City this July.

President Jerry called for a vote to make Kathryn Griffin, our club secretary for 2 years, an Honorary Member of this club. Kathryn had to sell her coach and retire from this club. The vote was unanimous. Kathryn will be presented and certificate from the club and is always invited to attend our events.

Happy Hour at 4:00pm commenced and the shuffleboard winners were announced. Winners for the ladies were Chris Ross with a score of 193, Jeanette Riley, 173, and Margaret Schlitt, 160. Winners for the men were David Rumrill with a score of 212, Charlie Zucker, 196, and Pete Putman, 194. After another great dinner by Rainbow Caterers the “Chapter Challenge Games” began. Teams lined up to support the players in the Oreo Stacking Contest! The chapter with the most total cookies stacked and first place winners were Florida Sunshine Winnies! In 2nd place was Mid-Florida Winnies and 3rd place South Florida Winnies! This proved to be an exciting competition – and the winners received packages of unopened Oreos!

Next came the “Toilet Paper Roller Derby Challenge”. Each chapter team was given a roll of toilet paper to decorate so the team would be recognized for their points. The participants were given a NEW toilet brush to hit their roll toward the points line. Everyone was on their feet cheering on their team and it was hysterical to watch! Suncoast Winnies were the winners with a score of 175 points! 2nd place team Buccaneer Winnies with 170 points, and 3rd place team was Funtime Travelers,150 points. The rest of the evening many members played cards and games in the Rec Hall.

Sunday morning our continental breakfast of donuts, bagels and croissants was served before we said our goodbyes. THANKS to all for attending this weekend and we are looking forward to our next meeting October 21 – 23, 2011 at Grand Lakes RV Resort in Citra, Florida. We welcome any visitors to join us at any of our meetings! Come visit us during GNR at the Florida Row!

Jerry Miller