Florida State Winniegators
October 2012 outing
Pictures by Lee MacDonald

Pictures by Nancy Miller

October 19 – 21, 2012 the Winnie Gators met at Alligator RV Park in Punta Gorda, FL for the first meeting of our season! “Oktoberfest” was the theme, the Rec Hall  was decorated, and it was GREAT to welcome everyone back!  35 coaches came early, with a total of 42 coaches for the weekend. 8 chapters were represented. Happy Hour was held at 4:00pm on both early days, members checked out the local restaurants and enjoyed playing cards and games in the evenings.


Friday morning at 9:00am a miniature golf tournament was held at Fish Cove Miniature Golf Course, while the REAL golfers played 18 holes at Seminole Country Club. There was lots of competition and “do-overs”, lots of laughs and a chance to make friends with new partners! The team winners for miniature golf were 1st place Dick Ercolani & Becky Moore, 2nd place Walter Feldgoise & Di Skeel, 3rd place Jim Rae & Nancy Miller. The award for best overall score for individual was Jerry Miller! In addition, 5 people had at least 3 Holes in One! 


After lunch, the Board of Directors Meeting was held at the Rec Hall with FSWG officers and chapter officers present to discuss many items on the agenda. Happy Hour was held at 4:00pm, followed by dinner at 6:00pm. The FSWG officers served “Walking Tacos” and also provided fruit trays and salads. An Ice Cream Social was held for dessert, our volunteer “scoopers” did an excellent job serving and everyone made their own sundaes! At 7:15pm a chapter challenge game was explained, “RV Survival” and everyone was busy making their choices. The rest of the evening was games of cards for those who stayed around.


Saturday morning the Alligator Park Homeowners did breakfast for us, which was followed by our General Meeting at 10:00am.  President Jerry Miller opened the meeting by thanking everyone for the cards, calls and emails during his “adventure” in Mason City last summer. He also thanked everyone who participated at GNR and carried on the traditions in the Florida Row in his absence. Several new members and first timers were introduced: George & Dianne Frerichs, Ed & Carolyn Thomas, Dick & Barbara Ercolani, Jim & Marge Carney, Thom & Bonnie Coste, James & Kathy King, Bob & Kathy Olson, Michael & Gail Schroeder, Walter & Joan Lanagan, Tom & Janet Koenig, Wes & Sally Sims, Richard & Sara Lou Menge. Guests Butch & Becky Moore, WIT Eastern Area Reps and Cliff & Bridgett Gilmore, and Jean – sister of Cliff Spiller were also recognized. Several items of business were discussed including the vote on the rally pin design for 2013. As usual, the entries were exceptional and it was decided that both designs would be utilized as agreed by the artists! THANKS to Lee MacDonald and Gayle Putman for your GREAT designs and talent!


Saturday afternoon was free time for visiting, exploring the area and chapter meetings. Happy Hour was held at 4:00pm and several members dressed in Oktoberfest costumes! Prize ribbons were given to all who were brave enough to don costumes! Our volunteers sold money raffle tickets and we had 3 happy winners! Dinner was served at 6:00pm, homemade beef barbecue was the main dish with potluck dishes contributed by the members! Now THIS was a FEAST!! Thanks to everyone who made the GREAT food!


Awards were handed out to the chapters with the most percentage of attendance at this meeting. The winners were 1st place Funtime Travelers, 2nd place Caloosa Winnies, 3rd place Suncoast Winnies! In addition, the Caloosa Winnies won for the most people attending! 


After dinner was cleared away it was game time! Chapters were in competition once again. The event was “Beer Can Relay” and teams had to wear an Oktoberfest hat and apron, walk to the other side of the room and stack beer cans without them falling over, then pass the hat and apron on to the next person in line. The rest of the team had to repeat the task across the room for several relays. As usual, the teams REALLY got into the competition and lots of cheering and noise filled the room! The winning team was South Florida Winnie Gators!  


Sunday morning a breakfast of donuts, bagels, fruit and beverages was served before we all went our separate ways. This was a fun weekend and it was great to assemble our group to kickoff our season.


The Florida State Winnie Gators invite anyone owning a Winnebago product to join us for meetings! Our schedule and information is on the website: www.winniegators.org. Also check the Who’s Inviting Travelers section of the www.winnebagoind.com website for updates.

You will be warmly welcomed and we guarantee you will have a great time with us!


Nancy Miller