Chartered 19 March 1985 by W.I.T.

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     The Florida Sunshine Winnies chapter was chartered in 1985 by Winnebago Itasca Industries and A.C. Tyson, Eastern Regional Director, at the home of Chester & Helen Deering on March 19, 1985.  When the chapter was formed the preceding clubs were getting to large and it was hard to find campgrounds too accommodate large groups.  Our chapter colors are Blue and Yellow.
     You are invited to come out to fellowship with us.  Check our schedule for meeting dates and locations.   For further information just call or e-mail one of our officers.

Some of the things we do at our campouts:
Go to places of interest
Indoor/outdoor games
Play cards, Dominoes
Golf & fish

     Can't forget the craft projects which everyone usually take part in.  But mainly, we just want everyone to forget their troubles and have fun doing their own "thing."  Don't let "What do I bring" scare you, we just pot luck, hearty Hors d'oeures and best of all dine out.

Our community projects
Salvation Army
Red Cross "Disaster Fund"
WIT Youth Group
Collect Pop-Tops

Would like you to visit us even if you belong to another chapter.


From left: Marvin King, Bruce Cinader, Richard Bock, Susie King

Bruce Cinader - President
407-359+2584 cell 407-367-9942

 Richard Bock - Vice President

 Susie King - Secretary

Marvin King - Treasurer

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